Boston-area meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei has seen a lot of things: snowstorms, a handful of Patriots Super Bowl victories, and drunk St. Patrick’s Day revelers, to name a few. But even she wasn’t expecting the “pot yeti” to show up in her broadcast.

Pagliei was reporting on the snowstorm that has overtaken the Northeast when what appeared to be a tree stumbled into the shot behind her.

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She just finished saying that she’s seen “countless spinouts” when she stepped back to give the cameraman a better shot and noticed the wandering shrubbery.

The video quickly went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views across social media. But Pagliei was a good sport about the abominable tree-man stealing the show; she wrote on Facebook, “When you’re just trying to report on the snowstorm and a walking tree is in your live shot.

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