A bride-to-be’s fiancé left her for a man, so she’s selling her extravagant engagement ring on eBay — and her listing is morbidly hysterical

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A British bride-to-be has put her extravagant diamond engagement ring on eBay, as she’ll have no use for it in the future. The woman listed the 18 ct. white gold ring — which features a diamond “the size of Gibraltar” — for auction on the site after her husband-to-be apparently left her for a man.

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She claims that after their engagement, her fiancé started spending “a little too much time” with a friend called Brad. She later found women’s clothing — including white stockings and size 11 pink stilettos — among his belongings.

The woman went on to describe her experience in the listing:

“Here I am. Single, living with my ex fiancé because we’re both too skint to move out with a rock the size of Gibraltar on my finger wondering ‘How many other men have I turned?’ whilst sharing a tub of ice cream with my dog and screaming ‘WHY’ at the ceiling,” the jilted lover confessed.

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“The ring is beautiful. But it just reminds me of my failure to grow a penis so I’d like to sell it so I can start my life again,” she continued.

She then made a bold statement about her potential precognitive abilities: “I still have the receipt and the box, as if subconsciously I knew I’d be in my pajamas alone in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday writing this tale on eBay.”

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After describing the specifics of the break up and explaining how she uncovered her fiance’s infidelity and true sexuality, she signed off with a lighthearted suggestion:

“Oh and I will appreciate all innuendos related to the fact it’s a ring that I’m selling and Brad probably had a go with my ex fiancés ring etc etc.”

The item has plenty of interest, and this story is going viral, so it’s likely she’ll get a decent amount of money for the ring — which is good. She deserves some good news.

You can see the entire listing here.

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