We’re told not to approach wild animals because, well, they’re wild. We don’t know how they’ll interact with us or react to something we do.

Not only did this guy ignore all common sense about approaching wild animals while he was at his campsite in Botswana, but he decided to approach one that could literally squash him with its foot.

Yes, that’s right, this man tried to get close to a giraffe that had come up to a tree next to his campsite. Everything seems fine to begin with, but then the giraffe turns and looks at him. Before you know it, the man has to book it out of there to dodge what could’ve been deadly kick by the giraffe.

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Thankfully the man escapes unharmed. While editing the video, he zooms in mid-kick for viewers to see just how large the giraffe’s hoof is.

“If she connected, I would’ve definitely been dead,” he narrated.

Don’t be like this guy. If you’re near a wild animal, maybe don’t walk up next to it.

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