A college professor went on an extensive, side-splitting Twitter rant about “the greatest real estate listing in human history”

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Videos by Rare

Gabriel Rosenberg, an Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at Duke University, went on an absolutely terrific Twitter rant about a bizarre real estate listing.


Turns out, it’s an ugly mansion in Indianapolis that was designed by an eccentric millionaire! It’s like something out of a Vincent Price movie, only way funnier.


Rosenberg was initially taken aback by the ugly trailer parked in front of the ugly house:


But he dug a little deeper and looked at the pictures of the inside — and noticed how completely bonkers the house’s design is.


Superlatives are often overused in real estate listings, but literally nothing about this house makes sense:


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Some of the bedrooms, inexplicably, have two beds! Despite this being a mansion with ample space for several single bedrooms. It’s like the eccentric millionaire wanted sets of creepy twins to stay here — and no one else.


We highly recommend you read the entire Tweet thread; it’s as interesting as it is hilarious.

And to make things even more bizarre, the Baha Men stayed there once:

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