Donald Trump is in the newspapers in just about every country, and his face has quickly become one of the most recognizable in the world. However, one Dominican Republic newspaper still isn’t able to recognize the leader of the free world, and while we can smack them on the back of the head for bad journalism all we want, their mistake is hilarious.

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On Friday, Dominican Republic paper El Nacional ran a story about Donald Trump and Israel, but there was one problem–instead of Donald Trump’s photo, they published a picture of Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of the president on “Saturday Night Live.” The Independent reported that “the piece was not intended to be satirical or tongue-in-cheek, which makes the entire error more hilarious.”

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A number of Twitter users quickly jumped on the mistake, and it went viral on social media.

Baldwin, who has said he does not enjoy playing Donald Trump but does it for the fans and who has continuously expressed his disapproval of the president, has not commented on the incident. He will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week, so there’s a very good chance that he’ll address the mistake in either his monologue or in one of the sketches where he plays the president.

A Dominican Republic newspaper made the one mistake reporting on Donald Trump that we all saw coming (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)
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