A fan proposed to his girlfriend at a basketball game, but his handle on the ring was a bit too loose

Twitter video screenshot -- @ATLHawks, proposal goes wrong on kisscam

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Videos by Rare


The Kiss Cam is a sports arena institution, embarrassing bashful fans each time it goes live (the Atlanta Hawks basketball team favors sensual R&B as background music, only adding to the steamy atmosphere). While most couples go for a peck on the cheek and leave it at that, some other fans take the moment more seriously. One Hawks game attendee took advantage of the romance in the air to propose to his girlfriend, but he didn’t account for the boisterousness of his fellow fans.

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As the woman seems to be accepting the proposal, another fan gives the man a few hearty and unexpected slaps on the back. While the back patting was doubtless meant to be congratulatory, it caused the proposer to lose his grip on the ring and drop it into the stands, igniting a frantic scramble among bystanders to recover the jewelry.

We sure hope they found the ring. Remember, you have to be able to finish through contact to make it in this game.

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