A foul-mouthed mime flipped out and interrupted a local news reporter’s interview with a police officer

Matt Sibson - Twitter - Screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A street performer completely ruined a police officer’s moment of fame when he began yelling profanities at a passerby.

The policeman was being interviewed on the streets of Leicester in the U.K. by a local BBC news reporter. Everything was going well until an unseen man began yelling the phrase “Fuck off!”

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The journalist apologized for the interruption as the camera operator panned to the right to reveal a mime covered head-to-toe in silver paint freaking out. He appeared to be confronting a man, while a second police officer tried to diffuse the commotion.

Thankfully, Twitter user Matt Sibson used a cell phone to record the scene as he saw it on TV.

Many others reacted:

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