A horribly graphic chainsaw prank made a mechanic’s faint-hearted colleague pass out

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Be very careful who you decide to prank. Especially if it’s a particularly gory prank, like the one in this video. If you pull a prank that involves blood on a friend who doesn’t like blood, chances are it’s going to go wrong.

In the video, two mechanics are seen working in garage, with one of them is working on a car, and the other is (for some reason) sawing wood with a chainsaw.

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The chainsaw guy pretends to fall over, and uses some fake blood to make it look like the chainsaw has come into contact with his torso. His friend turns around to see what’s going on and immediately faints.

He eventually regains consciousness, and it’s clear that he’s not happy with his mischievous colleague.

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