A kid re-shot an entire Beyoncé video while wearing a Snuggie, and it’s as impressive as it is hilarious YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- beyonce snuggie cover video

Beyoncé’s music videos are famous for their complex choreography and editing, making it difficult to reproduce them. Intrepid YouTuber Ton Do-Nguyen managed to do just that with this re-shoot of the “Countdown” video, though. Even more notable was how he managed to do all the dance moves while wearing a Snuggie.

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While the blanket with sleeves isn’t, so far as we know, a part of Beyoncé’s wardrobe, Do-Nguyen really makes it work. While he’s obviously fooling around with this video, his editing, dancing and attention to detail are legitimately impressive — his video lines up perfectly with the original. He’s got serious skills.

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