In a bizarre moment earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasted a New York Times article that claimed the president watches TV in his bathrobe, stating, “I don’t think the president wears a bathrobe and definitely doesn’t own one.” Almost immediately, internet sleuths began pouring over the far corners of the world wide web searching for an image of Donald Trump donning a bathrobe. And within a few hours, they struck gold:


That image has probably been the most hilarious trolling of the administration and the press secretary. However, it was just an image until the Reddit Photoshop Battles forum got a hold of it and turned it into the stuff of internet dreams.

The late Princess Leia has been replaced by a young Trump, and you can’t unsee this.


But at least they fixed it…


Notice anything strange? Look at his hands.


He’s been a real-estate mogul, a reality television star, a playboy, a president and apparently he was also a celebrity chef.


Nobody puts Donald in the corner.


The president’s little known cameo in the “Country Grammar” music video


No Trump in a bathrobe joke is complete without a Steve Bannon reference.


“Draw me like on of your french girls,” a la Titanic


A picture of Donald Trump in a bathrobe gave Photoshop aficionados a goldmine of inspiration imgur/OMGLMAOWTF_com
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