It’s not even Christmas, but deer are already flying, at least they are in Clarksville, Tennessee. According to the Leaf-Chronicle Newspaper in Tennessee, an unnamed pedestrian was walking down the street when she was struck by a flying deer. The deer was hit by a car only moments before colliding with the woman. Though no officials could be reached for statements, it seemed that the airborne deer’s victim was taken to Tennova Healthcare in Clarksville for the treatment of injuries that included broken bones.

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The Leaf-Chronicle spoke to Clarksville Police spokeswoman Officer Natalie Hall who said, “The deer flew off the car and hit a pedestrian,” she also said that this type of accident is not common. The vehicle that sent the deer to the skies was a 2004 Pontiac Montana.

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While flying deer are not unheard of, you’re much more likely to be killed by a cow than a deer. The Washington Post reported that about 20 people die from cow-related incidents annually. Deer were grouped with “other mammals” and only accounted for 52 deaths. It should be noted that the Post’s report does not include instances where vehicles were involved so this case of a soaring deer may not have been included in their statistics.

A Tennessee man got smacked in the head by a flying deer (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)
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