A YouTuber decided to buy 3 million sprinkles and did what any self respecting adult would with all that power TheOdd1sOut - YouTube - Screenshot
TheOdd1sOut - YouTube - Screenshot

Web-comic artist TheOdd1sOut decided to celebrate his 21st birthday in style: by buying roughly 3 million sprinkles and smothering himself in them. We’re not even going to judge him. This is an awesomely unique way to spend a birthday — and you only turn 21 once!

This video features James — the creator of the popular web comic The Odd 1 is Out — as he accumulates a vast amount of everyone’s favorite topping. James doesn’t usually upload live-action videos, as he’s a cartoonist, but he decided that his subscribers needed to actually witness his bizarre experiment with their own eyes.

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James figures out a time-saving method for counting the sprinkles, and then goes into his backyard to have some fun. He jumps in them, swims in them, pours them all over himself and — of course — eats them.

Do you think sprinkles taste better of worse aster they’ve been in contact with your body’s various nooks and crannies? We’ll let James figure that one out.

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