Adam Sandler and Chris Farley played the funniest couple in this SNL classic

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In 1994, Adam Sandler and Chris Farley made “Saturday Night Live” history with their portrayal of Hank and Beverly Gelfand.

The two comics played an old married couple who reviewed restaurants found in the Zagat food guide.

With Farley as the overbearing wife, and Sandler as the cantankerous husband, the two played off each other perfectly, to huge laughs.

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The two go back and forth as Farley reads from the Zagat guide, and Sandler reacts in horrid fashion.

Come back to Jamaica at Pickling Parrot. There’s Jerk Chicken and other choice Caribbean fare. Hey, Mom, see you there!” Farley says with a smile.

“Take me God, I am ready to meet you!” Sandler responds.

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