Adam Sandler Recounts the Time When Chris Farley Wanted to Beat Up David Spade on Conan

Just like everyone else in the world, Chris Farley also went through a “I want to beat up David Spade” phase. And Adam Sandler warned Chris Farley otherwise.

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The Billy Madison actor and Spade made an appearance for a full interview on the late-night talk show “Conan.” The three recounted some old stories and best moments about former NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” legend Chris Farley. Sandler revealed an intriguing anecdote to Conan O’Brien on the tv show. Though Spade and Farley were best friends, Farley often wanted to beat up his buddy.

Sandler, however, always kept Farley in check. Whenever Farley wanted to punch Spade, Sandler had one sentence for him: “If you knock him out, you’re known as a jerk. And if you lose, my god, you’re known as just a giant pussy.”

Adam Sandler Says Chris Farley Wanted to Beat Up David Spade

Well… he’s not wrong.

Spade even recalled times that he actually thought Farley would beat him up. Including a voicemail the late SNL star had left him about smashing him with a baseball bat. Spade talks about how he didn’t show up to work the next day and hilariously recounts how when he finally reconnected with Farley. Farley hilariously asked him in his signature voice if he got, “the joke message.”

It’s unfortunate that Farley, a Hollywood stand-up favorite, was taken from the world so early. But it is good to see that he left behind memories that Sandler and Spade can still reflect on almost 20 years after his death. Those who would co-star with him tend to call him “their friend Chris Farley” and that seems to be the trending characteristic trait with many funny people.

Luckily, we can still catch some great Chris Farley gems on Netflix. His name won’t get lost in the sea of comedy stemming from Hollywood.

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