An Amazon user going by “R. Martin” gave the Garadget iPhone control only one star, and when he got home he was in for quite the surprise — the company had shut off his device. The “Garadget” is a device that you attach to your garage door that links up to your iPhone and is controlled through an app. However, for Mr. Martin (and a lot of other users), it wasn’t working. He warned others by writing “piece of junk […] start-up company that obviously has not performed proper quality assurance tests on their products.”

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But Martin wasn’t happy just bashing the product on Amazon — he also blasted the company on their forum, writing, “wondering what kind of piece of shit [he] just purchased here….”

While their customer service might not be the best in the business, at least Garadget is quick about it — a representative of the company quickly responded that they were shutting his product off, writing, “At this this time your only option is return Garadget to Amazon for refund. Your unit ID 2f0036… will be denied server connection.”

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From there, things escalated. Amazon users flocked to support “R. Martin” and thanked him for warning them about the product. John M. wrote, “Going to avoid this product and this manufacturer,” and Brian H. wrote, “Almost bought (actually needed 3 for my garage doors) from these people but not now!”

Losing customers, Garadget responded by saying, “Save your pitchforks for your elected representatives.” Unfortunately, that apology probably won’t be enough to keep the company from suffering massive losses. The representative admitted that shutting off Martin’s device wasn’t the “slickest PR move.” And now the company might need to hire some PR professionals — preferably a group that specializes in crisis management.

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