After a woman tried to heckle him about parenting, Steve Hofstetter’s comeback shut her down

Over the last decade, comedian Steve Hofstetter has made a name for himself by documenting his experience with hecklers at his comedy shows.

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Like many comedians, Hofstetter often has to deal with drunk and disorderly people who get offended by his jokes. This was true during a recent set about parenting.

“You’re not special, I’m tired of your shit,” Hofstetter explained to parents in the crowd at a recent show.

According to the comedian, too many parents wear a badge of honor because they had children, while many of the children out there are rotten kids.

“It takes more effort to order a pizza than it does to have a child,” Hofstetter said.

“Bullshit!” an audience member proclaims.

“How many children have you had?” the heckler follows up.

Hofstetter then takes the perfect pause and asks the woman.

“Have you ever ordered a pizza by accident?”

The two then go back and forth about whether Hofstetter can accurately ridicule parents if he himself has never had children.

As the woman keeps talking, Hofstetter sets up the perfect take down, that you’ll have to see to totally appreciate.

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