After sexy Mr. Clean took the Super Bowl by storm, Conan’s worried that other mascots might turn up the heat YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot -- Conan about Mr. Clean's sexy ad

Before the Super Bowl, we’d never really given much thought to the tightness of Mr. Clean’s pants, and we’d guess that we were in the majority with regards to the cleaning product mascot. But after Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl ad, in which the muscular mascot dances suggestively around a woman as he cleans up her kitchen, shed new light (for us, anyway) on the topic of brand mascots. Can they be sexy? Should they? Probably not, but it’s too late to ask now. The floodgates are open.

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“Conan” imagines a sexy version of a Mrs. Butterworth’s commercial, but, perhaps because of the show’s budget, there’s no full size, lasciviously dancing Mrs. Butterworth. Instead, she just makes a blunt proposition to the guy in a bathrobe eating pancakes.

Yeah, let’s hope Mr. Clean hasn’t started a new trend.

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