Amazon Driver Accidentally Sits on Cactus, Struggles to Get Thorns Out YouTube: RM Videos
YouTube: RM Videos

Oh my goodness, talk about some bad luck. Looks like this Amazon delivery guy got in quite a pickle, and now deserves a very heavy raise, an ice pack, and the keys to the city. Especially since he took this like a champ. I don’t know what the Amazon driver’s name is, but I’m calling him Bob. You certainly took one for the team Bob.

A Ring video is now going viral on social media showing a delivery worker dropping off a package in front of a San Bernardino porch. Minding his own business he goes to take a picture of the package for confirmation and obliviously accidentally sits on a cactus behind him as he is bending over. He immediately bounces back up saying, ?Oh my god. No, no, no. What the Hell? No, No.? Ugh, I can already imagine the pain. My dude got 10 quills right up his butt, and let me tell you this reaction is beautiful. I want to meet this guy so bad.

Attack of the Cactus!

Of course, probably embarrassed by the situation since he saw the doorbell, he immediately tries to act cool before jumping in pain. He then starts laughing at his misfortune because well, he couldn’t believe it happened. It was a silly mistake, one that almost cost him his butt. Unfortunately, to make matters a little bit worse no one was home to help them so the poor dude had to pick out the cactus thorns himself. But let’s face it if I was him I would be mortified if someone walked right through that door.

Can you imagine just saying, ?Hey can you help me get these cactus spines out of my butt? I’m struggling here and I’m in pain.? Yeah, no thank you, I rather just wobble away to my truck and get them out there. I loved his attitude, I really have to give it to him. Especially at the end when he just says he’s good and gives a thumbs up. The best part is that he repeatedly keeps saying sorry to the owners because he knew they were going to see him struggling. I bet the ride back turn in that warehouse is quite painful though. God bless ring doorbells, and God bless Amazon workers. Hope you feel better, Bob.

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