Amazon Driver Seen ‘Skiing’ Down the Road to Deliver Package

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This man is a real-life Kris Kringle. An Amazon driver in the town of Newton Abbot, England, was spotted “skiing” down an icy slope so he could deliver a package. A family filmed him through their window as he expertly made his way down the black ice.

Amazon Driver Uses Feet to Ski Down Treacherous Black Ice Hill, Deliver Packages

The Amazon driver didn’t actually have any skis on in case you’re wondering. But he did appear to have had some skiing experience, as was evident in the way he positioned his feet. The driver was forming an excellent imaginary pizza pie. This was to keep traction and ensure that he didn’t slip out of control. He’s intensely focused on the journey, determined to get the package to its rightful owner.

Scott Christie and his partner filmed the Amazon driver “skiing” down Chercombe Close. He said that it made the entire family’s day.

“It made everyone’s morning,” Christie told DevonLive. “The children loved watching him ‘skiing’ down the hill. Just to see how dedicated he was in making sure all his parcels were delivered is incredible and we believe he needs some definite recognition from Amazon for his hard work he’s put in.”

“He had nothing but a smile on his face and shared a laugh or two with us all when he got to the bottom,” Christie added.

The Driver Also Took a Video, Wanted to Show His Managers, Talk About Safety

After discovering that his on-the-job skiing stunt had gone viral, the Amazon delivery driver shared his own perspective of what happened. He posted a video that he took of the journey to the Spotted Newton Abbot Facebook page.

“The crazy delivery driver was me!” wrote the Amazon employee. “And there you have the video from another angle. I was doing a video at the same time letting my managers know that is not safe to drive on that conditions!! After 4 stops I decide to return the whole route back to Depo. I was reading about the whole situation down there and I was surprised when I saw the video with me trying to get down the hill.”

It seems clear that Amazon should consider employee safety when making deliveries in these conditions. At the very least, perhaps they should give their drivers crampons and ice picks.

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