Company Offers $3,000 a Month to Smoke and Review Marijuana

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Videos by Rare

Are you looking for a little extra cash? Do you need to pay off that credit card you used to buy yourself all of those unnecessary items that you knew you didn’t need but wanted? Well, what if I told you that you can get paid up to $3,000 a month for smoking. There’s a catch though, it’s not just your regular cigarette. It’s good ol’ cannabis.

Yes, American Marijuana, which is a medical marijuana online magazine that provides research on cannabis, is looking for someone to test their products. Basically, that person will receive and critique a box that contains different products every month. Think of it as a gift box that contains surprise products you can’t get anywhere but there.

The products can all range from vapes, weed, edibles, and CBD oils. But, one of the hefty requirements is that you have to live somewhere in the US or Canada where medical marijuana is legal. Currently, 22 states and Washington, DC, allow marijuana for medical purposes. Some allow medical marijuana dispensaries and home cultivation. Others allow dispensaries but not home cultivation and others only allow home cultivation. So, you might want to check before signing up.

The candidate must, of course, critique the cannabis on camera and then post a very detailed post about the product. The company expects the person to give their full honest opinion of the product so others can invest buy from the company.

American Marijuana did not that they won’t just choose someone just because they “smoke weed every day,” rather they are looking for someone who has extensive knowledge of marijuana to educate their readers. Applicants must be physically fit and healthy to carry out their cannabis product reviews.

So, you just have to make sure you aren’t too high while writing the full article, or maybe wait till the effects die down a bit. If you’re interested, all you have to do is click here, and BOOM. Be responsible, kids.

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