An ’80s Jazzercise video full of legwarmers and leotards has us losing it at the relics of a better time YouTube/RetroFever

Jazzercise is the epitome of the 1980s, as much a relic of that bygone decade as hair metal and legwarmers. And, just like a lot relics of the past, Jazzercise is hilarious to look back on and always good for a smile. YouTube user “RetroFever” has dug up a 1982 exercise tape by Jazzercise pioneer Judi Sheppard Misset and compiled the greatest moments.

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Misset was the founding voice in the Jazzercise craze, creating the exercise phenomenon almost a decade before it took over the world. Her website claims to have created “the original dance party workout.”

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With phrases like, “The hips sugar, come on and shake that cute little booty of yours! Ow!,” it’s not hard to see how the craze began, and it’s not hard to see why it died off.

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