The results of the recent snap United Kingdom general election shocked the world — and one author was particular irked by the outcome. Before the voting began to potentially elect a new British government, political commentator an author Matthew Goodwin predicted that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t achieve higher than 38 percent of the vote and pledged to literally eat his own words if he was wrong.

To everyone’s surprise, Corbyn defied the odds and earned 40 percent of the vote. So, true to his word, Goodwin followed through on his promise and ate his own book on live television. Goodwin told Sky News: “I did say I would eat this book […] Two percentage points makes a big difference, and I am a man of my word. So I’m going to sit here and eat my book while you carry on.”

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He probably went to bed with a stomach ache, but at least he got to plug his book.

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