An awkward love rivalry leads to the most polite murder ever in this “SNL” sketch NBC player screenshot
NBC player screenshot -- polite stabbing SNL

This “Saturday Night Live” sketch begins with a bashful man, played by Kyle Mooney, hitting on a woman in a bar, played by Vanessa Bayer. He hems and haws over trying to ask her name and uses his awkward demeanor to try and get her attention, all in order to ask her to a dinner with his family on Christmas Eve. He also casually drops that he volunteers at an old-folks home.

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Then another bashful man, Casey Affleck, comes over to put the same awkward moves on Bayer, giving a beat-for-beat proposal of Christmas dinner, while mentioning that he loves his deaf sister.

It devolves pretty quickly into something that is “SNL” levels of nuts, as the situation escalates to Affleck getting stabbed. The rest of the people who frequent the bar take on the same bashful affectation, all the way up to God, who accepts Affleck into heaven.

“This is God, and I can’t believe I’m asking this, but would you like to join me in eternity or something?”

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