Apparently, Pornhub’s Best Traffic is During Christmas Time

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Well who would have thought, it looks like Pornhub traffic has been quite busy this holiday season after it was revealed in a 2022 year review that there is actually a whole section dedicated to those who love Christmas. Turns out, a lot of their loyal customers are quite busy during this festive time of year and make sure to use the extra time too… get away from family drama.  If you know what I mean, wink, wink.

According to Pornhub’s statisticians ( try saying that 3 times fast)  several numbers found out that their users on the site actually don’t require their services before Christmas time. In fact, their numbers dropped almost a third on Christmas Eve last year, lowering by 32 percent as everyone eagerly waits for Santa. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to be on the naughty Santa list but, Pornhub is definitely affected by this.

But, fear not everyone! Apparently, there is quite a big bounce back to business on Christmas day, as traffic was only down 15 percent. This means, yes, users who stay away on Christmas Eve get back to their regular schedule on Christmas day! 

Maybe it’s because everyone is busy on Christmas Eve cooking, and attending to their family that they don’t have time to, you know…do their business in their free time. There’s always that extra gift we need to shop for at the last minute. BUT, in comes Christmas when everyone is hungover, has some alone time, and well, do their own personal things. 

But wait, there’s more! Apparently, people don’t really get excited when it comes to New Year’s Eve, as PornHub found that it dropped 40 percent in traffic in the last six hours of 2021. Which I mean if you ask me is normal, since everyone is celebrating and drinking till 12 strikes. That number quickly goes up on New Year’s Day!

Still, to make things more exciting for you, researchers also found out what people actually search for this time of year. Believe it or not, yes, it’s old St. Nick. The search for Santa Claus on the site was up by 374 percent during last year’s festive season. BUT, as expected, it’s his female, uh…ho-ho-ho, who they are really interested in. No offense to anyone with that last statement, of course. We love hard-working entrepreneurs! 

As well as Santa’s, uh, worker…. searchers for Santa’s missus were popular on the porn site as well as the search term for “Mrs Claus” shot up by 401 percent.

So, there you have it. Do with this information what you’d like! 

Merry Christmas, and stay safe! No pun intended.

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