Comedian Artie Lange has found himself in some difficult times lately after he was arrested with drugs in his car. In a recent interview, Lange revealed that his role on the Howard Stern show ended because his addiction became too much of an issue. His friends in show business have said they will stand behind him, and everybody is hoping that he can get himself on track.

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In a recent appearance with Opie Radio, Lange shared a story that you might have heard before, but that never fails to gross us out. The comedian discussed a time that he was binging on cocaine during a shoot and had to get a hotel. He said when he woke up in the hotel bed, “all the badness came out of me. I woke up and I’d shit the bed. I looked like the guy from ‘The Godfather’ with the horse’s head.”

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Things got even more NSFW when Lange told a tale about a time in Vegas that he defecated during intercourse with a prostitute. When Gilbert Gottfried recoiled, the comedian laughed it off, saying, “It was Vegas in the ’90s.”

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