As soon as Sean Connery began speaking, this became one of the best “SNL” sketches ever

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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Over the last 20 years, the beloved “Saturday Night Live” sketch Celebrity Jeopardy has aired fifteen times, each one providing incomparable laughs to “SNL” fans.

During the very first iteration of the sketch, “SNL” introduced audiences to Darrell Hammond’s interpretation of actor Sean Connery.

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In Hammond’s world, Connery was a foul-mouthed, sex crazed drunk, who was hell bent on sleeping with Alex Trebek’s mother.

For twenty years, the duo of Trebek and Connery would trade barbs back and forth, with Trebek never besting his masterful opponent.

In the first appearance, the duo are joined by Burt Reynolds, played by Norm MacDonald, and Jerry Lewis, played masterfully by Martin Short.

In 2015, after reprising Celebrity Jeopardy for “SNL’s” 40th anniversary celebration, MacDonald commented on why the sketch is, in many ways, nearly perfect.

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“Celebrity Jeopardy was about hope,” MacDonald wrote on Twitter.

“It was about the hope of one man, Alex Trebek, the hope that never died. The audacious hope that never let the facts of the past interfere.”

“It was a rhythm piece, as each disaster was signaled by the sound of a buzzer, and each new category signified more, new, hope.”

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