Mom Accidentally Walks in on 7-Year-Old Daughter’s Zoom Call Naked

Social distancing has most definitely made me become extremely comfortable in my own lone presence, especially in my own house. And I’m sure it has made everyone else do the same. But sometimes, real life comes back to remind us that we still need to keep it together. And it definitely reminded this Florida mom.

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Ashley Foret Smith, a mom from Jacksonville, Florida, might’ve embarrassed her daughter so much, it could possibly scar her for life. In my personal opinion however, I’d be a proud mom of this embarrassing moment, considering how hilarious it is. And honestly, I’m sure Ashley’s daughter thinks it’s more hilarious than embarrassing too.

Ashley Smith had just finished her shower and was walking across her master bedroom to grab clothes. Assumingly, walking naked because 1. it’s her master bedroom 2. only her significant other would probably be in the same master bedroom and 3. no one should be around anyways because of social distancing. What she didn’t realize was that her 7-year-old daughter had set up her virtual learning shop right on her bed.

In the middle of the room, Ashley’s youngest daughter was lying underneath her covers with the computer sitting on the pillow. She was on a Zoom call with her first-grade class, and Ashley had no idea until she heard a child giggling and a voice goes, “Uh, oh, we should hang up. We might be in trouble.”

To her horror, she had just flashed an entire first-grade class on her daughter’s Zoom call. Completely mortified, she sought advice from two teacher friends about what she should do. They then encouraged her to share her story on social media, showing how to make situations like this one more light-hearted, especially with the coronavirus pandemic forcing everyone online for virtual schooling and work calls.

So Ashley made a hilarious video on Facebook, recalling the embarrassing moment. What’s even funnier, is that she’s recording the Facebook video in a towel, clearly fresh out of the shower. She told Insider, “Practicing social distancing for so long makes you feel like you are in this all alone. When in fact, every single one of us is learning this new way of life. I hope that other parents learn that it is OK to not be perfect — that we are all doing our best to balance so many things right now.”

She also shared in a sequel Facebook post saying, “Also, for the record! It has been confirmed that no child actually saw anything! They were getting off the call bc they would be in trouble for being in before the teacher. The timing couldn’t have been more awkward.”

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