Attorney Offers Free Divorce for Valentine’s Day

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Heads up Tennessee! Are you in a bad relationship? Has love slowly faded away? Is it time to part ways but it’s just too expensive to get a divorce? Well look no more, I have your solution. This Tennessee attorney is giving away free divorce representation to lucky one client for Valentine’s day. Yes, you get a divorce, you get a divorce, and you get a divorce.

Well…sort of. The Law Office of W. Scott Kimberly released a statement on the giveaway saying that for many people, Valentine’s Day is “another reminder that they remain trapped in a relationship that they cannot leave because of financial problems, because of a spouse who refuses to agree to divorce, or for some other reason.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the other reason is probably infidelity…but that’s just what I think. This is the third year the Murfreesboro divorce attorney will give away “his service for free.” Last year, Kimberly selected two winners, saying he had a very hard time narrowing down all of the entries.

Because well, I’m sure as a divorce lawyer this man has seen it all. So, all you have to do if you want to win the deal of a lifetime is share a story of why you want a divorce. Applications are accepted through Valentine’s Day and the winner will be selected on February 17. There is a small tiny catch though. Although Kimberly won’t charge for his services, the winner is responsible for court costs and filing fees. You also need to live in Tennessee.

So, is it worth it? Maybe? I mean, lawyer fees are the ones that get you in the end. So, who knows. According to Kimberly, “The giveaway is a charge to someone to help move on with their life.” Interested? Click here to apply!

Happy divorcing?

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