Aziz Ansari explains how Donald Trump is like Chris Brown with his first “SNL” monologue NBC/Screenshot
Aziz Ansari delivers his first monologue as host of Saturday Night Live.

All week, we’d been wondering how last night’s “Saturday Night Live” host Aziz Ansari — his first time! — would treat his monologue.

Would he go follow Louis C.K, and Dave Chappelle and have a short stand-up set ready, or would he do a “regular” monologue? When Ansari entered through the stage door in a suit with a pocket square holding a microphone, it was officially game on.

Of course, luck would have it that Ansari’s first time hosting is the day after the inauguration of the show’s now-mortal enemy. But on the other hand, as he so perfectly put it, “Pretty cool to know he’s probably at home right now watching a brown guy make fun of him, right?” Game on, indeed. “Yesterday Trump was inaugurated. Today, an entire gender protested against him.”

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Ansari was then quick to point out that not all 63 million Trump voters were as deplorable as the candidate himself, like how not everyone who bobs their head to a Chris Brown song supports his deplorable-ness. “’I just like the dancing and the music, I don’t condone the extracurriculars!’” And if Trump is the Chris Brown of politics, “‘Make America Great Again’ is his ‘These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.’” It’s a comparison that belongs in the 2017 pop culture time capsule.

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Like his stand-up, Ansari’s monologue was both bitingly on point and absurdly funny, going from “casual white supremacy” to how great George W. Bush must be feeling right now while connecting the dots with the same kind of realness Chappelle’s recent monologue had. It was a great first time hosting for one of the great comedians of the moment.

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