Aziz Ansari finds himself in “SNL” pop culture jail for saying “La La Land” drags a bit in the middle

Aziz Ansari goes to pop culture jail on last night's "SNL."

The rise of social media has changed almost everything about our culture, from who we elect for office to how we can order a pizza. It’s also made it near-impossible to voice an honest opinion about a movie or a television show without being read your pop culture Miranda Rights, and this “SNL” sketch takes that literally.

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Host Aziz Ansari sits in an interrogation room, for a reason unbeknownst to him, before detectives Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett come in to play him the concrete evidence for his crime: an under appreciation of “La La Land.” Ansari told a recent date that he thought the movie was good but dragged a bit in the middle, which in 2017 sounds to others like saying Ryan Gosling came over and took a crap on your kitchen floor.

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“‘La La Land’ is a perfect film!” screams Strong, slapping her perp’s coffee cup off the table.

“I mean, I liked it. The singing was good. I guess I just didn’t think it was like, amazing singing.”

“That’s the point!”

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Ansari was more of a fan of “Moonlight,” but, hey, “Don’t turn this around on us, you sick pervert!”

The sketch wraps up with a new perp being brought in for questioning, Kenan Thompson, who just didn’t “get” “Westworld.” “It’s too slow. I thought the finale could have been the premiere.” Us too, Kenan. Us too.

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