This Baby’s Reaction To Eating Ice Cream For The First Time Is Hilarious!

Oh gosh, I can’t begin to explain how much my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Just look at this adorable baby. Look at her enjoying the best day of her life. This baby girl just got a taste of pure happiness and it clearly shows. Her priceless reaction to the sweet treat was posted on social media by her parents, because well, she’s all of us whenever we try something new that we absolutely fall in love with right then and there.

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The clip was shared by Blakely Rose’s mom, Britani Jernigan and was posted on TikTok where one can see Blakely getting her first lick of ice cream. As she begins to lick it, her eyes widen to the point where you think they might fall out of her head, and she attempts to instantly get another lick going in for the kill. And thus begins the sugar addiction!

A Glorious Taste She’ll Never Forget!

That’s when her father attempts to pull the ice cream away from her but she quickly snatches it with her hands and pulls the cone towards her to get another taste. The amount of force this baby is using is impressive! To the point where her dad has to actually grip her hard from the back to stop her from falling back because she is clearly in it to win it. NO ONE is taking her ice cream! Put her in an ice cream competition immediately!

It’s a pure sweet reaction, really. I love watching babies try new things, it’s hilariously entertaining. Have you ever given a baby a lemon? The video has collected over 413K likes and over 4.2K comments and has also been shared by several Twitter users. As expected, the reactions were hilarious.

“It’s Mine Now!”

Have you ever seen a baby with so much passion for ice cream? Find yourself someone who looks at you like this baby looks at ice cream. That’s all I’m saying. True love right there.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on January 21, 2020.

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