Baby Elk Hilariously Gets Trapped Inside Trampoline, Struggles to Get Out

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

All that was missing was someone to yell “jump,” because once a baby elk got trapped on a trampoline, it seemingly had no idea what to do.

The elk’s fairly funny experience was caught on video by a Colorado man and his wife. It showed not only the trapped youngster but the animal’s pals. Some seemed curious about the elk’s dilemma. Most of the others just went about their day.

One seemed to be standing there, on the lookout, solely for the purpose of seeing if anyone was getting this whole ordeal on video.

Granted, the elk did have a few playful moments, and eventually, it figured out how to get off the trampoline. But it was an intense (and again, humorous) few moments.

You can hear the trampoline owners freaking out a bit while recording the video. Later, once everyone was back to their daily routines, the wife explained it this way, via Whiskey Riff.

“We were just sitting down for our morning coffee when I watched this young elk poking his head into the entrance of the trampoline… when all of a sudden he decides to jump in for some fun. Getting out proves to be a bit harder than getting in.

“The elk’s friend on the outside actually looks like he wants to get in and join the fun while the Mom looks on.”

That sounds about right. But the elk clearly needs work on its tuck jump. Maybe next time.

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