Snapchat is ostensibly a messaging app, only there’s an emphasize on picture sharing. Which is why its epic and not-so-epic camera filters are its secret weapon. They’re hidden from the main image-capture screen, so you have to swipe through to access them. Take a picture, then swipe left or right while on the camera screen and you’ll see a filter slide over across it. Alternatively, you can apply a filter prior to taking a picture — these filters also work on videos, and some contain motion-activated animations that add to the hi-jinx — which brings us to this brief but hilarious America’s Funniest Home Videos video.

The clip begins innocently enough: a dad and his baby are fooling around with Snapchat’s beard filter  — a premise which is pretty funny on its own — but then something almost magical happens that makes this video go from cute to hilarious: the baby executes the most perfectly-timed sneeze in the history of sneezes. The sneeze activates a sensor causing the beard to switch to a the baby’s dad.

It’s comedy gold!

“Whoa! That was crazy! How does that work??” the dad exclaims.

We’ll have to get back to you on that one, daddio.

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