Filmmaker Adam Reid has launched a Kickstarter to (hopefully) raise $100,000 to make a pilot for “Barry & Joe,” an animated series that features Barack Obama and Joe Biden as they travel through time and fix humanity’s mistakes. Also, a cartoon version of Neil deGrasse Tyson will serve as their guide through the space-time continuum, like Al from “Quantum Leap,” only way smarter.

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“These are the adventures of Barack Obama and Joe Biden bromancing the multiverse as they try and save us from ourselves,” Reid wrote in the Kickstarter’s description. “Moments after the inauguration of the forty-fifth president, Barack Obama and his best friend Joe Biden were escorted to a secret lab, run by a team of the world’s greatest scientists and occasionally Elon Musk.”

The animation has a vibrant retro look similar to that of “Johnny Quest,” but the content seems like a cross between “Back to the Future” and the cartoon that movie inspired, “Rick and Morty.”

As of right now, the campaign has already reached $89,659 of its $100,000 goal, and it has until the end of August to cross the finish line.

Fingers crossed!

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