Based on this fake trailer alone, “Youngblood” is an “SNL” movie we’d love to see NBC/Screenshot
Kenan Thompson is the wise old man in this "SNL" movie trailer.

If “Saturday Night Live” has done any one thing particularly well the past few years, the ?movie trailer? sketch may be it — and on the March 4 episode of the hit show, ?Youngblood? is another to add to the list.

Pete Davidson plays a neighborhood tough guy, shouting ?119 is my block! That?s just how it is!? while Kenan Thompson is that neighborhood?s token old man at a chess table. ?Why don?t you come sit down over here, Youngblood?? he asks.

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Davidson sits across from the old man, who by the end of the actual 90-minute film would end up becoming his best friend. Ready to play chess. But ?you don?t play chess.? Chess, we learn, is a ?roadmap to navigating these streets.?

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?You out here acting like a pawn. You running your mouth, you swinging your fists.? And while the old man continues to wax poetic, Youngblood puts him into checkmate. And again. And again. Because out in these streets, well, there?s some metaphor in there.

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