Beer Pillow YouTube: BeerGoals
YouTube: BeerGoals

I love a nightcap, but this is a whole new level of drinking before heading off to sleep. The ‘Beer Pillow’ is a DIY invention from Phil at Beer Goals. It looks like Phil got tired of having to chug a beer can before bed for a good night’s sleep, so he decided to bring the beer to bed.

It’s quite the invention. Phil takes Bud Light (the famous lager we all love) and fills up a 2-gallon Hefty bag with beer. Next, Phil grabs a plastic bendy straw and encloses it in the plastic bag. Believe it or not, this quirky hack works. If you try this at home, make sure you buy a bag with a zipper.

I don’t see any spills from his beer pillow onto the bed. Impressive, Phil. This puts keg stands and shotgunning beers to rest. I still think the best way to drink beer in bed is simply just taking the can to bed, but this is hilarious. So who is Phil?

Phil is a craft beer aficionado based in Los Angeles, California. His Facebook account, ‘Beer Goals’, is devoted to beer reviews, jokes, and of course, goals. For more funny beer goals, follow Phil on Facebook.

Any beer lover will find Phil’s content entertaining. I’ve done some research, and it looks like he’s attempting to try 50 beers in all 50 states. Life is short, and I admire Phil’s passion for travel and, of course, beer.

I’ll definitely give him a follow. I want to learn a thing or two about IPAs. This will give me a reason to be a regular at my neighborhood’s brewing company. I won’t be trying the beer pillow at home though, I love my Tempur-Pedic pillow too much.

If you’re feeling inspired to add some beer-themed home decor to your living space, check out these beer throw pillows and beer signs on Amazon. Customer reviews are fantastic. They’re perfect for any man cave.

1. Throw Pillow Covers Beer

Throw Pillow Covers Beer
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