Make Beer Pong More Challenging With a Moving Beer Pong Robot

Gone are the days of having your beer pong opponent try to wave their hands over the cups so you’ll miss. There’s a beer pong robot that’s here to make beer pong difficult for both teams. You love to see it.

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Our favorite drinking game just got more exciting thanks to the BRUU Moving Beer Pong Robot. Just set the robot on a beer pong table and turn it on for next-level beer pong playing.

BRUU Moving Beer Pong Robot

BRUU Moving Beer Pong Robot

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You can find the gadget on Amazon for $59.99. There are three different speeds so that you can adjust the robot to your preference. If you think you’re the king of beer pong, just wait until the party cups are spinning.

The game comes with ping pong balls and a speed controller. It is rechargeable, but it does have a run time of 20 hours. That leaves you with more than enough time to have a beer pong tournament with your family and friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if college students are adding this robot to their Amazon wishlists right now.

This is amazing. I wish I had one of these back in college. There has never been a more exciting way to play a game of beer pong. My alma mater’s homecoming is going to be extra fun with this bad boy.

You can play the party game with a single robot (by taking turns of course), but if you’d like to play a traditional beer pong game, I recommend buying two. Amazon customers are saying great things about the moving beer pong robot. Check out these reviews.

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Another customer left a five-star review and said, “This thing is awesome. Perfect for parties, perfect for your local bar, perfect conversation starter.” It sounds like this is going to be worth it, y’all! After a few rounds, you’ll learn to adjust your aim so you can take back your beer pong champion title.

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