The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks of All Time

It’s April Fool’s Day! In the past few years, that’s meant a lot of corporate stunts: the DuoLingo toilet paper rolls (learn while you wipe!), Jolly Green Giant cauliflower-flavored marshmallow Peeps, Google wind mills… ridiculous social media hype for fake products have become a tradition for many companies. Although it was Taco Bell who started it all in 1996, when they purported to have purchased the Liberty Bell, excuse me, the Taco Liberty Bell, and everyone believed them — including Tom Brokaw. (See below.)

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But authentically, I think we all know the best April Fools’ Day jokes take place inside the comfort of your home. They involve DIY traditions that are immature yet tried-and-true, like plastic wrap over the toilet seat (that’s how I got my roommate today), stapler in Jello (à la The Office), jelly donuts filled with mayonnaise, blue food coloring in the toothpaste, bubble wrap under the car tires, meatloaf cupcakes, a bar of soap covered in clear nail polish… easy pranks that are sure to get a good laugh.

Last year, April 1st fell at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was a dark moment to try staging practical jokes. But this year, hopefully, the funny pranks will find a comeback. Over the next few days, the pics, memes, and GIFs will tell. But for now, check out this list for possible prank ideas, or just your own LOL-worthy entertainment. Let the pranking wars begin!

The Best April Fools’ Pranks
The OG PR Stunt: When Taco Bell Bought the Liberty Bell…

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