Beyoncé’s unborn babies are already famous in this “SNL” sketch

"Beyonce" and her new additions on last night's "SNL."

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The world seemed to rejoice last week when Beyoncé announced she was once again pregnant, this time with twins. And “Saturday Night Live” cast those two twins perfectly: Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan.

Sasheer Zamata plays Queen Bey, with Alec Baldwin as the doctor charged with delivering the babies. “This is a big break for me,” says Baldwin. “I haven’t had a hit baby since Suri Cruise.”

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As soon as Doctor Baldwin places the ultrasound on the royal stomach, there’s a cut to Thompson and Morgan inside of Beyoncé on a plush red couch — with matching ottoman!

“It’s warm and cozy,” says baby Kenan. “I feel safe.”

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“It’s so spacious,” says baby Tracy. “There’s a recording studio in here.”

Kenan says their mother is Beyoncé, with the pride of a prince. When Tracy asks who that is, Kenan replies, “Man, I can’t even breathe yet and I know who Beyoncé is.”

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