The world seemed to rejoice last week when Beyoncé announced she was once again pregnant, this time with twins. And “Saturday Night Live” cast those two twins perfectly: Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan.

Sasheer Zamata plays Queen Bey, with Alec Baldwin as the doctor charged with delivering the babies. “This is a big break for me,” says Baldwin. “I haven’t had a hit baby since Suri Cruise.”

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As soon as Doctor Baldwin places the ultrasound on the royal stomach, there’s a cut to Thompson and Morgan inside of Beyoncé on a plush red couch — with matching ottoman!

“It’s warm and cozy,” says baby Kenan. “I feel safe.”

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“It’s so spacious,” says baby Tracy. “There’s a recording studio in here.”

Kenan says their mother is Beyoncé, with the pride of a prince. When Tracy asks who that is, Kenan replies, “Man, I can’t even breathe yet and I know who Beyoncé is.”

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