Hip-hop legends the Beastie Boys released their hit track “Sabotage” way back in 1994, and in the intervening years, people who are are fans of the group but also enjoy PBS’s long-running kids show “Sesame Street” have done nothing but wonder what it would like if everybody’s favorite big, yellow bird was a member.

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Thankfully, video mash-up genius isthishowyougoviral has brought this dream into the real world with this video, which is made up of clips taken from Big Bird’s 1985 movie “Follow That Bird” that have been set to “Sabotage” and edited together to look the memorable music video for the song.

Granted, the overlap section of the “Beasties Fans/Sesame Street Fans” Venn diagram is pretty small, and that’s probably why it’s taken this long for someone to make the fantasy a reality — but at least it finally happened!

You can watch the original video for “Sabotage” below.

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