Bill Burr breaks down why he thinks Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won in hilarious fashion


Comedian Bill Burr returned to “Conan” on Monday night to talk about President Donald Trump.

“He did like the Eliot Ness speech in ‘The Untouchables,'” Burr joked of Trump’s inauguration speech, noting that the new president criticized nearly every major politician in attendance.

When the topic turned to Trump’s immigration executive order, Burr seemed genuinely surprised.

“I didn’t know you could do this as a president,” he told Conan O’Brien.

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Burr and O’Brien then riffed on the “Schoolhouse Rock!” song “I’m Just a Bill,” before moving on to Burr’s biggest victim of the night: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“She blew it,” Burr said to an almost silent crowd. “You lost to a guy that said three things a week that would torpedo somebody else’s campaign.”

He also commented on the Trump voters who came out of the woodwork for the president.

“It’s like, where were all these racist white guys when they could have voted against a black guy?” Burr wondered. “You blew it, you put the wrong team around you. He was just tripping over one coffee table after another.”

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