Bill Gates becomes David S. Pumpkins because some SNL skits should never die — any questions?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When Tom Hanks appeared as David S. Pumpkins on an episode of “Saturday Night Live” it was one of those skits that was so ridiculous, it instantly went viral. The outfit he wore sold out overnight, and the silly, redundant song featured in the clip was stuck in all of our heads for a solid week.

And like the Chris Farley Chippendale skit or the Celebrity Jeopardy pieces, David S. Pumpkins will go down in SNL history as one of the great bits.

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On Monday, Bill Gates hosted a Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” To promote the event, he dressed in his best Christmas suit and enlisted the help of two snowmen as backup dancers.

However, while Tom Hanks has a monopoly on the character of David S. Pumpkins, Gates is claiming “Christmas Pumpkins.” And don’t be fooled — “Christmas Pumpkins” is his “own thang.”

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In his AMA, Gates showed once again that he is both humble and witty. When asked what his idea of success was, the billionaire channeled Warren Buffett by declaring success as “people close to you are happy and love you.”

Throughout the conversation, he seemed to connect to the audience in a very personable manner, showing that, at least for the technology guru, the money doesn’t make the man.

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