Brothers Force Black Widow Spider to Bite Them To Become Like Spider-Man

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If you’ve ever watched any of the Spider-man movies, you can’t tell me that the thought of a spider bite possibly giving you superpowers didn’t cross your mind at least a couple times. But of course, how silly would that be to simply forcibly get a spider to bite you, especially a poisonous one. Well, that debate definitely didn’t stop these three Bolivian brothers from testing it out- and it’s safe to say that none of them are slinging webs around now.

The three young Bolivian boys were out grazing goats in Chayanta, a small Bolivian village in the Andean region of Potosí. They found a venomous black widow spider, and it reminded them of the comic book superhero spider-man. They each poked it with a stick to trigger the black widow spider so that it would bite them, in hopes of becoming like the famous Peter Parker.

Within a few minutes, the first symptoms appeared, and their mother immediately took them to Chayanta Health Centre. When their conditions got worse, they were transferred to a hospital in the town of Llallagua. As their conditions worsened, they were finally transferred to the Children’s Hospital in La Paz. They were suffering from muscular pain, sweating, fever and general tremors. After applying a serum to the bites, their conditions improved, and they were discharged almost a week later.

Epidemiology chief of the Bolivian Ministry of Health, Virgilio Pietro, told Telemundo that this story is important in educating parents on making sure their children understand the difference between comic books and reality. Although the black widow spider is not usually aggressive, if bitten by one, it needs to be treated within fifteen minutes or else it could cause death. Luckily, there are antidotes for its poison.

If that doesn’t scare you enough from trying out the whole “Peter Parker” thing, I’ll leave you with this fact: black widow spiders get their names from when the females eat the males after they mate. So just… just don’t touch them, okay?

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