Bobby Moynihan recounts his last night on “SNL” after 13 seasons with the show

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Bobby Moynihan had been with “Saturday Night Live” since 2008 before leaving at the end of this past season. He was one of the longest running cast members in the history of the show, and his roles included “Drunk Uncle,” “Secondhand News Guy” and dozens more. Moynihan left to pursue other roles, including his sitcom “Me, Myself & I,” which was picked up by CBS.

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On Tuesday night, Moynihan stopped by “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” and one of the callers to the show asked the “SNL” star about his last day with the program. Moynihan claimed that he woke up “sweating and throwing up.” “I think my body just caught up with me. It was like, ‘It’s happening, It’s the last one.'”

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At another point in the show, a caller asked if Moynihan’s wife’s pregnancy influenced his decision, but he laughed the question off, saying, “She’s looking at me right now […] But no, life did. […] I don’t know — it was time.” When asked if he took anything from the set, the actor quipped, “I stole everything. I stole everything from the day I got there to the day I left. […] I have a storage space full of stuff.”

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