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For some people, regular hand-washing just became a thing. I can’t believe some people just now started keeping hand soap in the bathroom and hand sanitizer in their purses. Let’s do better. If you’re part of the majority who is just now investing in soap dispensers and hand soap, you will love this liquid soap dispenser.

The Ridiculous Soap Dispenser

If you have a husband who isn’t washing his hands for a minute still, then I bet this soap dispenser will motivate him to wash his hands. Heck, maybe even the ladies too. This gadget sure does beat using your typical hand soap dispenser.

  • Wall mounted
  • Kitchen or bathroom use
  • Great for conditioner, shampoo, and liquid soap

Many people use it for shampoo and conditioner, but you can definitely use it for hand soap if you have a child-free home. Why do I get the feeling if bars were to put this in their restrooms, that they wouldn’t be a hotspot for COVID? I feel like a bunch of horn dogs would love to use the boob soap dispenser.

Forget manual soap dispenser pumps and automatic soap dispensers. It’s 2020. The boobs soap dispenser is what the people want at this point. There aren’t any funny customer reviews (sad), but it does have four out of five stars. It has to be somewhat fun to use!

boob soap

And That’s Not All

If you’re looking for a fun bathroom accessory that’s family-friendly, consider this wall mount soap dispenser instead. Obviously, a soap dispenser in the shape of boobs isn’t exactly what kids need to be around!


UNKN Funny Nose Soap Dispenser,Wall Mounted Shampoo Soap Dispenser for Shower Gel and Shampoo,Reuse Bottled (Orange)


Surely kids will think this nose-shaped shampoo dispenser is the funniest thing ever.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on September 18, 2020.

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