‘SNL’ Hilariously Mocks Boomers Getting Their COVID-19 Vaccines

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

In a stand-out sketch from Maya Rudolph’s recent gig hosting SNL, the baby boomers are getting vaccinated! As many Americans have been left to jealously watch their boomer parents (or grandparents) get the Covid-19 vaccine, this musical parody lampoons the vaccination process which has allowed those older citizens to begin their post-pandemic life.

Rudolph ditched her Kamala Harris ensemble for a grey wig and jean capris alongside cast members Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day, Chris Redd, Ego Nwodim, Melissa Villaseñor, and Kyle Mooney in this colorful music video heavily costumed as cocky, elderly, and Covid-immune rappers. The skit, which has been trending since Saturday night, is the perfect example of the popular SNL rap format done right. Watch the hilarious clip below, and check out the detailed lyrics (also attached) for some memorable millennial zingers.

“Boomers Got the Vax”

The Lyrics

A majority of baby boomers have been vaccinated
Have been vaccinated
Have been vaccinated, vaccinated
Vaccinated, vaccinated, vaccinated

Baby boomers, greatest generation
Got all the money, now we got the vaccination
Crash the economy, three whole times
But when it comes to the vax, we the first in line

Got a job out of college, no student debt
Retirement funded, a hundred percent
Voted for Trump, but just for the taxes
Don’t believe in Covid, still got the vaxes

Pzifer, Moderna, I know you wur-na
Get one, but you gotta wait your tur-na
I get to the vax site, get what I want son
You get what’s left bitch, Johnson & Johnson!

Money, stacked
Pants, khaks
Arm, vaxxed
No, mask

Biggest generation, ain’t no stopping me
Never gonna die, draining social security

The boomers got the vax
No rumors, just facts, yeah
Give it up if you’re 70+
Everyone else gettin’ jealous of us, jealous of us

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Baby Boomer
How you livin’ ladies?
Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Baby Boomer

Ow! Covid can’t touch me now
Low mask in the store, nose poking out
When it’s time to pay, I whip the coupons out
Even though I got the stimmy in the bank account

Y’all can’t see? Lemme give you a Clearzine
We out here spending your inheritance
You in the parking lot eating by the trash right
We in the booth reading menus with the flashlight

Yeah, I know you missed us
Might book a trip on the Diamond Princess
Eat all the food, drink all the booze
Sail all the cruise, while you still on the Zoom

Job, retired
Climate, denier
License, expired
But we still on fire

Stop by my house
Give my grandkids a hug
Now get the f— out
I’m tryna have fun!

The boomers got the vax
Everyone else get to the back (get back), yeah
We comin’ first like we always do
We jumpin’ in front of you, and you, and you (And uh)
And you (And uh), and you (Uh), and you (Uh)

That’s what I got, I got bodies-anti
I got the shot, that’s just how it is
You locked inside, homeschooling my grandkids
I know you wanna live large like me
I got the big a** house and the SUV
I got the second house too, and the third house, three
And the place in Vermont, and one in Miami
Damn, I got five houses?
That’s a lot. Hm, good for me.

Hit the links with the drinks for another golf sess
You on the vax website hittin’ the refresh
You whine and cry while we dine inside
We run the world since 1945, hah!

Me, I spend my time playing tennis
Two things that don’t work, me and my pen-is
My shirt (What about it?), you know it’s gettin’ tucked
And my wife (What about her?), she left me (Oh)

Hold up, hold up, I ain’t had my say yet
Yo, tell ’em what my name is

Edith, Edith, Edith, Edith
E-dith Puthie!

Edith Puthie on the track, you know I’m vaxxed out
Pop a Cialis, come throw yo’ back out
Hands in the air like your shoulder don’t hurt
Drop that ass to the floor like your knees still work

Boomers got the vax, uhh
Boomers got the vax

It is what it is sucka!

This Week’s Cold Open

Poking relatively light fun at the spring break disaster in Miami, Florida, Maya Rudolph plays the host of an MTV-style show, “Snatched! Vaxed! or Waxed!” in which three contestants guess whether bikini-clad spring breakers are, indeed, vaccinated, waxed, or just snatched. Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!

And another musical sketch: “NFTs”

“NFTs” was not as strong as “Boomers Got the Vax,” but is worth watching for the interaction between Janet Yellen (Kate McKinnon) and Pete Davidson alone. The idea of a college classroom Q&A with the Secretary of Treasury descending into a chaotic line of Eminem-style questioning about the latest cryptocurrency felt true and fantastically topical.

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