Boyfriend Tragically Drops Engagement Ring While Bungee Jumping

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

This guy is truly lucky that his lady didn’t lose her mind. A 44-year-old man from Burghead, Scotland proposed to the love of his life at the top of a bungee jump. She burst into tears of joy as he got down on his knee and took her hand. Then, just as he was about to slide the ring on her finger, he dropped it through the grating.

Marc Watson Proposed to His Lifelong Friend and Girlfriend Gayle Robertson

Video captured by Highland Fling Bungee employees shows Gayle Robertson, 36, go from joy to shock and anger as her boyfriend Marc Watson loses his grip on the ring.

“I got down on one knee and all the emotions instantly came out of Gayle,” Watson told Caters News (via Daily Mail). “She was so surprised, which quickly turned to shock when I dropped the ring 130 feet below us.”

“I was down on one knee pretending to be shocked with her — but really I knew it was a fake ring I’d used, and this was purely to prank her because she knows I’m a bit cheeky like that,” he added.

That’s right, it was all a prank. Marc Watson dropped a decoy ring, and the Highland Fling Bungee employees were all in on it.

Robertson Burst Into Tears… and Then More Tears

The only problem is that the emotional roller coaster of Marc dropping the [fake] engagement ring sent his love into a tizzy. Not to mention, she was about to do something terrifying, aka bungee jump.

“This was not how I planned it,” said Watson. “I wanted her to be really excited and surprised, not shocked and upset, so I quickly grabbed the real ring from the staff to rectify things.”

The couple did their jumps after the real proposal and the staff started cheering. Watson added that he and Robertson had a date planned before they got back down to the ground.

“Neither of us are a big fan of high-thrill activities like this but we really wanted to do something like this together so that’s why we booked to bungee jump,” Watson said.

Gayle Called The Engagement Prank”Typical Marc” Humor

As for Gayle? She’s definitely meant to be with this man.

“It was definitely some proposal,” she told Caters News. “I was unaware of what was happening, and I was looking around up on the platform thinking how I was going to get out of doing the jump.”

“I saw one of the staff members pointing a camera at me and thought: ‘What’s he doing,’” she continued. “Then I noticed Marc getting down on one knee, I was shocked, especially that he chose to do it there. He’s always very different!”

Robertson added that there was loud music and she’s partially deaf in one of her ears. That made the entire scene a bit confusing. She also said that, on hindsight, her boyfriend “was acting weird” on the way to the bungee jump spot and she should have known he’d propose.

“Typical Marc,” Robertson said of the engagement prank. “But I am really looking forward to getting married later on this year in September.”

The couple revealed that they’d only been officially together for less than a year. However, they’d known each other their whole lives and grew up together in the same little Scottish village.

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