Breaking Trump: Bryan Cranston drops by “SNL” as Walter White, future DEA head NBC/Screenshot
Team Trump's newest member, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), on "SNL."

Last night’s “SNL” began with the now-usual Trump-centric cold open, but Alec Baldwin was nowhere to be found. Beck Bennett portrayed Jake Tapper on an episode of his show, “The Lead,” with special guest Kellyanne Conway, who introduced a few more Cabinet picks to the world.

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“Tapper” first went in on Trump’s pick of Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, to head the EPA — which Kate McKinnon’s Conway spun as Pruitt being “ready to protect us all from the environment” — and then the country’s workforce being run by a CEO who doesn’t believe in minimum wage. She won’t budge and admit these picks are bad, but she’s proud to say they’re “alt-good.” Because when you drain a swamp, the mutated, undying animals are then left to govern what’s left.

The biggest reveal was of the Trump administration’s choice for DEA head, another pick with minimal experience, a bald high school teacher from New Mexico who happens to be a good friend of Steve Bannon. Walter White’s a longtime veteran of the comments section at Breitbart who also knows how the drug game is played. So to speak.

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Bryan Cranston randomly dropping by the set is not a bad way to kick off an episode of Saturday Night Live. I just wonder if he rang the bell. Thanks for the time folks, don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

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