Bride Marries Another Man After Groom Arrives Late to Wedding Ceremony

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Well, this Indian woman didn’t care who she was going to marry. She just wanted to get the marriage over and done with. Because well, weddings can sometimes be so stressful that you begin to lose your mind a little bit. So, turns out an angry bride from Uttar Pradesh, India, was so so mad at the groom’s late arrival, that she got married to another man instead. You know, because why not? Teach him a lesson, sis. I’m with you on this one.

According to reports in The Times of India, the groom was supposed to arrive at the reception at 2:00 pm but turned up later that night at the wedding venue. The bride refused to get married to her groom, and indeed just tied the knot with a local man. But, apparently, the couple had already gotten married at a mass wedding program in October but were set to marry again in a “proper ceremony” on December 4th.

Also, the couple’s families had several growing differences over “dowry demands” which then escalated when the groom arrived late to his own wedding. But wait, it gets better. The bride’s family was so so angry that he ditched her, that they locked up the groom and the groom’s family, beat them up and then snatched their valuables. Yes, the Indian wedding turned into a riot. Take that, in-laws! Thank God the wedding guests didn’t play along.

So, the police were called, because that’s just a bit excessive. According to local police reports, “Both families have approached the police. They reached a compromise. But the bride did not want to go with the groom. There was no written complaint from either side.” The whole incident was then later “resolved” when the couple decided to divorce and the bride then married another man from the neighborhood.

Ah, I love a good love story. Don’t you? Being completely serious, I totally get her reason behind marrying another man. I mean, if your groom is later to HIS OWN WEDDING CEREMONY, imagine how that marriage is going to be. It started as a disaster, it would have probably ended in a disaster too.

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