Bride Meets Ex-Boyfriend for Last Hoorah Before Wedding, Immediately Gets Caught

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A video of a bride-to-be collapsing on the ground is viral after her fiancé called off their wedding in Ghana. According to reports, the woman decided to meet her ex-boyfriend for a final hoorah hours before the ceremony. And then she got caught.

Bride Collapses on Dirt After Her Fiancé Discovers She Cheated With Ex-Boyfriend

Angel FM’s Opanyin Darko said that the groom discovered his soon-to-be wife had cheated on him “one last time.” The Daily Star says he was tipped off by one of the bride’s friends. It seems that the bad news was delivered right before the ceremony. The bride and groom are dressed to the nines as the drama erupts outside a venue in Kasoa, Ghana.

The groom is visibly upset but remained relatively calm as he walks off and gets in a car. Meanwhile, the bride is flailing around in her white wedding gown while still carrying a bouquet of flowers. She falls on the ground a couple of times as her would-have-been husband refuses to listen to her at all.

Maybe Cheating Before the Wedding Saved Her From Jail Time Later?

The bride’s friends keep trying to talk to her but she’s having a total meltdown. Indeed, she appears to be having an existential crisis. But if the rumors are true and this bride cheated with her ex-boyfriend hours earlier, what was she expecting?

A TikTok video posted by @Prince_Swaggart claims that the couple was Nigerian and living in Ghana. It’s probably fortunate that the bride’s infidelities were discovered prior to the ceremony. While Ghana doesn’t seem to have laws surrounding adultery, Nigeria can punish a cheating spouse with up to two years in prison.

Another TikTok posted by @officialnanaquame has thousands of comments, most of them siding with the groom. However, many are also pointing out that the woman should go marry her ex-boyfriend if she’s still in love with him. Others are taking sides on whether or not it was right to inform the groom of his bride’s cheating.

Cheating is wrong, in my opinion. But cheating right before your wedding ceremony? That’s either a whole new level of stupid, or a subconsciously brilliant get-out-of-jail card. It really depends on your country’s legal system.

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